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Prospective / New Residents FAQ

Welcome to the building! Please, feel free to browse this website for information you need. Some of the information is only accessible to logged in users.
You can register here. Please note that your account creation request will have to be approved by the Condo Board.


Interested in moving to Vivacity One?

Before you agree to buy or rent a unit in Vivacity One, be sure to understand all of the rules in the Condominium Bylaws.  A copy of the Bylaws can be obtained from the Property Management Company, and can also be found on this website (registration required).

The following are answers to some key questions:


What is the difference between Vivacity One and a managed rental appartment?

A managed rental community (such as Midwest or Boardwalk) is in the business of providing rental accomodation and caters especially to Tenants.  Tenants in a managed rental community have the convenience of dealing directly with the Rental Management Company.

Vivacity One is a condominium where individual units are owned by individual owners.  Owners may rent out their units, but tenants are responsible to their individual landlord.  A Property Management Company (Esquire Management) has been contracted to manage the property and cater to Owners of Vivacity One. The elected Board of Directors oversees the work of the Property Management Company and makes decisions on behalf of Owners.  Generally, tenants at Vivacity One should be communicating concerns to their landlord.


Are there units for rent?  Do you post rental vacancies?

Rental vacancies are not posted by the Condominium corporation or by Esquire Management.  Vivacity One is not a rental accommodation, although an individual owner may rent out their unit as a one-family residence.  Owners must register all tenants, agents, etc with Esquire Management. Owners shall not rent out their unit to a person or family for less than one month at a time, or as a temporary residence of unregistered tenants (see Bylaw 48).

I’m moving in/out soon.  What do I need to know?

All moves must be booked through Esquire Management, and must be done through the cargo door in the parkade.  Failure to respect the rules may result in:

  • Inconvenience to the other residents
  • Damage to the elevators or common property
  • Costly fines
  • A waste of your time

Please see the Moving & Delivery FAQ for more information.

What kinds of pets are allowed?

Vivacity One currently does not permit pets.  No pets of any kind are allowed to move into the building, regardless of species, size, behavior, etc.  Please see Section 47 of the Bylaws (2010 Edition).

The only pets allowed in the building are those pets which moved in prior to the Bylaw being enacted.  Unless the bylaw is changed in the future, there can be no further exceptions.  To report an unauthorized pet, please contact the Property Management Company.


What kinds of vehicles are allowed in the Parkade?

Vehicles must be private passenger automobiles.  Similar to other downtown condominiums with underground parking, the parking stalls in Vivacity One do not accommodate large vehicles (eg most trucks).  If you are unsure, arrange with your potential seller/landlord to test and see if your vehicle extends past the yellow lines.  Generally midsize or smaller vehicles fit fine.

Vehicles extending beyond their legal limits onto Common Property can become a hazard for other residents, and can be subject to recurring fines.  Please see the Parking FAQ.

Don’t make this costly mistake – If you own a large vehicle, living in Viviacity One may not be for you!


Is Electricity included in the Condo Fee?  Water?  Heat?

Electricity is not included with the base Condo Fee.  Water is included.  Each unit has its own separate Heat and Air Conditioning unit which is not billed separately, although their use will consume electricity.

Electricity consumption for each unit is metered separately, and charged to each owner monthly (concurrent with the condo fee).  Near the end of each year, past consumption for each unit is and the fees for the next year are recalculated.  Please see the Electricity FAQ for more information.


My Realtor/Landlord/Neighbor told me ________.  Should I assume it’s true?

Realtors/Landlords/Anyone can be incorrect from time to time.  Please obtain and read the Bylaws before agreeing to purchase or rent – the Bylaws overrule all forms of misinformation.  If in doubt, please contact the Property Management Company.