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Moving & Delivery FAQ

Welcome to the building! Please, feel free to browse this website for information you need. Some of the information is only accessible to logged in users.
You can register here. Please note that your account creation request will have to be approved by the Condo Board.


Planning a move?  Getting something large delivered?

Please follow the moving/delivery process carefully.  Failure to respect the rules may result in inconvenience to the other residents, damage to our common property, and costly fines.


Why can’t we move through the front entrance?

Due to the design of our building, front door moves are a disruption to other residents.  They cause congestion in the lobby, and moving vans parked on our front driveway obstruct others residents trying to enter or exit the parkade.  Our residents frequently complain when vehicles park on our driveway, or when moves occur through the lobby.

Also, the double glass doors, light fixtures, and paint finishes in our lobby are not a suitable environment for moves.  And the reliability of our elevators decreases when the doors are repeatedly held open.  We all want our lobby to look great for residents and guests, and we all want our elevators to keep running properly.  Minor moving damage to our building builds up over time, and repeated repairs contribute to increases in condo fees and/or rent – which is bad for everyone.


So how do we move in or out?

Please contact Esquire Management at 780-414-0390 to book your move.  They’ll loan you keys to the cargo door in the back alley which leads to P1 in the parkade.  They’ll also prepare protective pads in one of the elevators and loan you a key which locks it out for your exclusive use while moving.  This allows you to load up your elevator without having to hold the DOOR OPEN button, or worrying about it getting called to another floor.  Moving through the parkade is actually more convenient than moving through the front door because there are fewer obstacles (or people) in your way.


Why do we need to schedule with Esquire and fill out the Moving Form?  What are the fees?

During a move, one of the elevators is no longer accessible to residents – so only one move can happen at a time.  Esquire needs the information on the form to make sure moves don’t overlap, and to minimize disruption to other residents during peak hours (eg weekday mornings and early evenings).

There is a $500 deposit which is fully refunded if no damage is reported.  Experience has shown that hired movers are often not as conscientious as we’d all like, so there is also a $100 moving fee which can be waived if your move is supervised.  Please contact Esquire for the details.


What about deliveries or purchases?

For deliveries of large items (eg mattresses, sofas, or appliances) please book the moving keys from Esquire Management at 780-414-0390.  Guide the delivery truck driver to the back alley – these trucks often don’t even fit on our driveway – and bring your large item(s) up through the parkade using the padded elevator.  There is no moving fee when you book your large delivery with Esquire.

For small or medium sized items that you bring home yourself (TVs, flat packed furniture, etc) just drive your vehicle into the parkade, unload, and carry your item(s) straight to the elevator from the parkade.  Basically, if your purchase fits in your personal vehicle and your personal vehicle fits in the parkade, there is no need to book with Esquire.  And there is still no need to move anything through the lobby.