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Electricity FAQ

Welcome to the building! Please, feel free to browse this website for information you need. Some of the information is only accessible to logged in users.
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Vivacity One uses Equalized Power Billing.

Your electricity consumption is measured, then averaged out and charged to you monthly.  Here’s how it works:


Why did we change the way we pay for electricity?

Since we began metering individual units in 2010, residents have overwhelmingly and vocally disliked receiving a bill (for a constantly changing amount) each month and having to pay it by snail mail or in person.  Our new system stops the inconvenience of monthly mailed cheques, makes it easier for residents to plan their monthly budgets, and keeps our electricity bills fair.


So is electricity now included in the condo fee?

No.  After electricity in individual units started being metered in 2010, we observed a dramatic decrease in our condo’s total energy consumption.  Each unit will still be responsible for their individual power consumption.  However, as a convenience the electricity charge can be paid by Direct Deposit concurrently with the condo fee.

Excluding electricity from our base condo fee keeps each of us mindful of our energy use, keeps our total power bill down, and keeps our condo fees low.


How is my “average monthly power cost” calculated?

The “average monthly power cost” for each unit is based on that unit’s actual power billing for one past full year, plus a 10% contingency.  This average cost is then charged to each unit for the year, which protects residents from month-to-month fluctuations in energy prices and consumption.


What happens if I use less power than I did last year?  My payments won’t add up!

That’s true, but the error will be tracked and corrected.  The “average monthly power cost” is simply a best guess for each unit’s annual cost of power.  We will still track energy consumption for each unit, and we will still charge each account based on actual consumption – just as before.  At the end of the year, the total amount you have paid won’t match the total charges on your account – you will either have overpaid or underpaid.

An annual report will be mailed to you towards the end of the year.  It will summarize the power used in your unit on a monthly basis, for a 12-month period.  Based on the actual total amount, you will either have to pay any amount owing, or be entitled to a credit on your account for the following year.


How will this change affect the finances of the Condominium Corporation?

The primary benefit will be the reduction of late payments, which will have a significant impact on our cash flow. In addition, there will be savings from reduced paper billing and postage.


I checked all of my own historical electrical bills and found another set of 12 months which results in my “average monthly power cost” being $5 lower than what you calculated.  Can I pay that amount instead?

Please consider that everyone’s consumption is different, and the special set of months that makes your consumption look smaller might make someone else’s higher.  Also, remember that next year your “average monthly power cost” will be recalculated to take into account both your most up-to-date consumption habits and any amount you might have been overcharged.


 Why can’t you just withdraw the correct amount from my bank account each month, like my cell phone company does?

Unfortunately we do not have the sophisticated equipment or manpower to dynamically make monthly withdrawals based on meter readings.  Our building has 94 units; by making manual adjustments to accounts only once per year, we are literally eliminating 1000 potential sources of billing error.


What if my tenant moves out before the end of the year? How do I know how much power he/she actually used?

If you need information about the actual power consumed in your unit before the end of year, you may contact Esquire to receive an interim statement. Please note that excessive requests made to receive interim power consumption statements will not be honoured, as it would defeat the cost saving measure we are trying to put in place.


I recently moved into my unit.  For some reason, the previous resident used 10 times more power during than I do currently, and now my “average monthly power cost” is $400.  That’s not fair.

If you have reason to suspect extreme circumstances, please contact the Property Management Company and it will be investigated.