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Unit Maintenance FAQ

Welcome to the building! Please, feel free to browse this website for information you need. Some of the information is only accessible to logged in users.
You can register here. Please note that your account creation request will have to be approved by the Condo Board.


Questions about something in your Suite?

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:


I would like to use a barbecue on my balcony. What kind of adapter do I need to use the provided hookup?

Please note that propane and charcoal BBQ’s are strictly prohibited in the building, balconies included.  See Bylaw Section 52.

To take advantage of the gas hookup available on your balcony, you will need a male to male adapter that attaches to the natural gas line from the wall (1/2") and brings it down to the 3/8" that most BBQ hoses use.


Is there a water shutoff valve in my unit?

Yes. It should be located in your laundry room, behind a small panel roughly 1 foot by 1 foot in size. You can use these valves to shut down water to your entire unit in case of emergency, or if work is completed in your unit.

Can I drill holes in the wall to hang pictures, curtain rods, etc?

Generally yes. Obviously, holes must not be drilled all the way through walls leading to another unit or to the outside of the building.  Note that walls within your unit are usually drywall, while walls on the edges of your unit are concrete.  You will need to identify the type of wall and use the appropriate tools.  Always use a stud finder and drill slowly - walls can contain utilities such as water, gas, and electricity.

For lighter pictures or posters, consider Command or similar products which don't leave any holes.  All repairs within each unit are the responsibility of the unit owner.  Any damage to common property will be charged back to the unit where damage originated.  Be careful!


What are the default paint colours used inside units?

Walls: Glidden Ultra Eggshell – Pillar (#94900)
Trim: Glidden Ultra Semi Gloss – Meeting House (#94800)
These are ICI colors mixed in Glidden paint. ICI paint codes are:

    Pillar - #719 – 40YY 67/087
    Meeting House - #709 – 40YY 60/103

These paint products may be sourced from:

ICI Paints
9118 51 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 5L8


My Unit Door has a problem.  What should I do?

Please contact us if the door to your Unit Entrance (or the handle) is giving you a hard time.


My Smoke Detector is chirping...

Chirping may indicate a low battery (for detectors with battery backup) or a problem with device (for detectors without battery backup).  Maintenance and replacement of smoke detectors within each unit are the responsibility of the Unit Owner.

The smoke detectors receive their power from the building but do not communicate signal to the building’s fire detection system in any way.


My Toilet is making dripping noises…

If your toilet makes annoying dripping sounds, you may have a leaking flapper.  To test, add several drops of dark food colouring to the tank water and check for colour in the bowl after 20 minutes.  Worn out flappers are easy and inexpensive to replace - just shut the water valve leading to your toilet, then flush before removing the flapper.

Check with your hardware store to make sure you choose the correct part.  At Vivacity One, our original flappers should be TOTO Part THU257 in this diagram.  This part may be sourced from:

Best Plumbing
11703 154 Street
Edmonton, AB  T5M 3X9