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Fobs / Amenities / Misc FAQ

Welcome to the building! Please, feel free to browse this website for information you need. Some of the information is only accessible to logged in users.
You can register here. Please note that your account creation request will have to be approved by the Condo Board.


Here are answers to some other miscellaneous questions.

If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please contact us.


I need another Swipe Fob or Garage Door Opener.  How do I get one?

Only owners are permitted to request fobs and garage door openers from the property management company. Renters may contact the property management company only if a letter stating explicit permission from the owner of the suite is on file.

Additional fobs and replacement garage door openers can be purchased at a cost of $50, plus a $250 administration fee. Administration fees will be waived for fobs proven defective (must return defective device) or stolen (must present police report as proof).

The details are available in this document.


What are the hours of access for the fitness room?

The fitness room can be accessed:

    Monday to Friday, from 5am to 11pm
    On weekends, from 7am to 11pm


Where are the garbage bins?

Garbage and recycling bins can be found on Parking P1 East. All garbage and recyclables must be taken directly to P1.  Please ensure that all garbage is double bagged.

Please refer to the City of Edmonton website for a complete listing of recyclable materials accepted by the city.  The following items MUST be taken to an Eco Station (5150 - 99 St or 11440 – 143 St):

  • Electronics (including appliances and computer equipment)
  • Chemicals
  • Batteries and lightbulbs

Large furniture items (desks, mattresses, etc) must be taken to the city dump (Clover Bar Landfill - Meridian Street Northeast).  Fines may be levied for improper garbage disposal.


I am mobility impaired and cannot take the stairs. What should I do with regards to fire alarms?

You can do a number of things preventively:

  • Contact the Edmonton Fire Department of your situation, so that they make a note of your presence
  • Make the board aware of your presence, who in turn will make a note for emergency crews

In case the fire alarm goes off, regardless of whether you have done the above, you can:

  • Call 911 and let dispatch know about your situation. They will relay that information to crews coming on site, who will come get you
  • Let other residents know about your situation and/or ask them to get help if they cannot assist you


I’d like to help!  How do I get involved?  How can I join the Condo Board?

The condo board is run by owners who are appointed on an annual basis. These individuals volunteer their time and make decisions related to the overall management of the building. Individuals can join the Board at the Annual General Meeting.

We are always looking for part time volunteers for occasional help (spring cleanup, flower planting, minor maintenance, etc).  If you have a special talent (or a mundane one), please contact us.